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The Sammich - as per urban dictionary: “a sammich is a type of sandwich.” however, it is not just any kind of sandwich. any old schmuck can throw lunchmeat between two slices of bread and have a sandwich. but no. a sammich is not just a sandwich, it’s not just a meal.

sammich is a term reserved for the holiest and mightiest of all sandwiches. a sammich is a true work of culinary art; a feast on a bun, if you will. a sammich is not made of the best ingredients; it is made of the “right” ingredients. it needs the right meats, and the right cheese(s), the right sauce, the right veggies, and the right kind of bread.

taking foot-long sub bread and throwing every kind of meat and cheese and everything else under the sun or in your kitchen pantry on it does not a sammich make. it is akin to an incohesive mishmash of colors on an artist’s easel.


“sandwiches make a good snack, but sammiches are forever.”

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