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new orleans, la hours: 11 am til 10 pm phone: 844-sammich
Small Plates
duck fat fries – $5.50
french fries fried in duck fat with parmesan cheese and garlic mayo
½ lobster sammich $8
½ of our fried lobster sammich
brussels sprouts $4.50
oven roasted and flash fried with garlic mayo
tuna dip – $7.50
house smoked tuna blended with capers & kalamata olives with crackers
sow’s meat – $4
our take on hogs head cheese with crackers 
deviled eggs – $6.50
stuffed with louisiana crab meat, capers, and cornichons
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foie gras terrine $6.50
poached foie gras with brandied figs and creole mustard flash fried escargot $6.00
with honey jalapeño bourre blanc grilled rutabaga steaks - $5.00
sous vide and grilled with tamari steak sauce
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pix coming!
duck fat fried beets $4.50
red beets tossed in corn
starch and deep fried with jalapeño aioli charred broccolini $4.00
grilled and tossed in a
sweet spicy thai chili oil fried chicken livers
chicken livers speared
with asparagus and flash fried with raspberry jalapeño dipping sauce
chicken salad $12.00
homemade white meat
chicken salad with chisesi’s ham, bacon, and
swiss cheese  fried chicken $11.00
fried chicken breast strips w/pulled pork bbq & homemade coleslaw
korean bbq chicken $10.00
chicken breast marinated in spices and grilled with spicy kimchee coleslaw
duck confit $14.50
duck legs and thighs, slow
cooked in duck fat and shredded, with brie cheese and foie gras mayo bbq shrimp $13.50
new orleans style bbq shrimp cooked in abita turbodog beer with blackened avocado mayo cuban $10.00
slow braised pork, shredded with chisesi’s ham, swiss, mozzarella, and pickled peppers on french (pressed)
fried shrimp $13.50
fried shrimp tossed in crystal hot sauce beurre blanc with fried tasso ham,
pickled okra, and five pepper jelly fried oyster $13.50
fried blackened oysters tossed in crystal hot sauce beurre blanc fried lobster $15.00
tempura fried lobster knuckles with spicy mango cream
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en brouchette $14.50
fried oysters with bacon, brie cheese and meunière sauce osso bucco $14.00
braised veal shank with carrots, red gravy, and mascarpone cheese and bone marrow mayo pork belly confit
slow cooked pork belly
with fresh carrots, basil, cilantro, jalapeño aioli,
a nd sweet/spicy vinaigrette
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braised rabbit $15.00
with green tomato remoulade and grapefruit horseradish gastrique
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vegetable ratatouille $12.00
grilled eggplant, peppers, tomatoes, chick peas, carrots and onions
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